Remove white screen at the start of flutter

Updated 1 May 2023


In this blog we will implement that how to Remove white screen at the start of flutter.

We know that we add the splash screen as first screen in our application.In flutter, there is a white screen for few microseconds.After that white screen we have the splash screen.

this white screen gives a negative impact for our application.In this blog we’ll remove the white screen.

For implement this we will use a flutter plugin.

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Before wasting time, let’s begin the stepwise code implementation.

Step1:-Add the flutter Plugin.

First of all, let’s add the flutter plugin i.e.flutter_native_splash.It automatically generates native code for adding splash screens in Android and iOS. Customise with specific platform, background colour and splash image.

Step2:-Initialise flutter_native_splash in pubspec.yaml file

Step3:-Customise the settings

Customise the following settings and add to a new file in your root project folder named flutter_native_splash.yaml.

Step4:-Run the Package and check the output

After adding your settings,run the following command at you terminal.

When the package finishes running your splash screen is ready.

As you can see there’s no white screen in the starting of application.

Congratulations!!!! you have learned that how to Remove white screen at the start of flutter.

For more details and methods you can refer to the official doc of flutter here.

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Hope this blog helped you with a better understanding that how to Remove white screen at the start of flutter

Thanks for reading.

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