Remote Config In Flutter With Firebase

Updated 28 April 2023


Before starting our Blog topic Remote Config In Flutter With Firebase, we will first understand what is Remote Config & How it can be beneficial for our app development.
We can use Remote Config to define parameters in our application and update their values using the cloud.

For example, if we want to change the theme color of the application, then we can change it using Remote config without changing the theme color in the app. We are using Firebase as our Cloud server for configurations.
For the integration of the Remote Config In Flutter With Firebase, we will follow the mentioned steps:

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1. Add dependencies

We will use the flutter package to perform the operations, we have used the latest version of this package. You can add any version which meets the requirements mentioned here.

2. Creating Remote Config Singleton Class

We need to create a singleton class for initializing the remote config and set the fetch timeout and intervals at which we want to fetch the data from Firebase Remote Config

3. Setting the Default parameters

We are setting default values here, so if there are no values set on the Config or due to some reason we will not get any values from the Remote backend, then we can set the default values.

4. Fetching the parameters

Now, we will fetch the data from the Remote config object, If you set values in the backend, fetch them, and then activate them, those values are available to your app. Otherwise, you get the in-app parameter values configured using setDefaults().

These are the following methods through which we can fetch the data from the Remote config object.

5. Set the values in Remote Config

For the Remote Config, we need to set the values in the Firebase backend, so we can use them inside our application. Click here for setting the values on the Firebase Remote Config backend.
Reference ScreenShot —>


In this blog, we have learned about the implementation of the Remote Config In Flutter With Firebase.

For more information regarding the same, you can check this Reference Link

Thanks for reading!!

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