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In this blog, we will see how to reload/restart the flutter app. Actually, I have many ways and pub packages to restart the app and found this way to be the best to reload the app using just a few blocks of codes. In my code, I wrap the whole app into a statefulwidget. And when you want to restart the app, rebuild that stateful widget with a child that possesses a different Key. If you want to use a package then you can use the flutter_phoenix package.

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Let’s Start the implementation part.
First, I will create a RestartWidget. This class contain the whole app. The UniqueKey always return a unique value which proves the widget a unique id.

Now we will call the RestartWidget from Main method in the code.

Now, call restartApp method from anywhere in the code it will restart the application.

Restart/Reload app in flutter

Note: The above code makes you lose the whole state of your app.

In conclusion, I hope this code will help you better understand Restart/Reload app in a flutter. If you feel any doubt or queries please comment below.

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  • Tamer
    it doesnt work for me , the local database is not refreshing until i force restart the app.
  • Dominik
    This logic is not restarting the app.
  • Dominik
    Doesnt restarting the app
    • Debabrata Roy (Moderator)
      You might get some error you the console, please check.
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