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Release IPA file of ios App for Development Deployment .


IOS app for development deployment

In most of the time when we have to give ios app for testing then we require I tune for installation or  for this we require I tune software  so there are some steps we have to follow for installing the ios app through safari in i phone or i pad .

1:Open the Apple Developer Account and create App id for application and fill the followings.

a: fill App Id name Ex : application name.

b: fill bundle id ( bundle Identifier of your Application )

2: Click on continue and select for what purpose you need . ex development

3: For development deployment purpose (register UDID for that device in apple account ).

4: After the successful creation of App id .

5: Click on the provisional certificate and select your target like ios development etc.

6: Select your bundle id and download provisional certificate and double-click on it , then it will automatically include in your application.

7: Now generate the IPA file for development deployment.

8: Now go to that URL  “”  and upload your IPA file .

9: After uploading your IPA file, click on send then it will generate URL so click on it.

10: It will redirect to your IPA file now copy that link.

a: Open safari in your iPhone mobile.

b:  Example  type URL (

c: Wait for a second it will show web page and on that page, there is an option for “Install Application” so click on that and wait for the moment .

d: It will show an alert window to ask for installation.

e: Click on install.

11 : Now it will automatically install in iPhone.






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