Reading a Plist with swift 


While working on the XCode projects, we usually use the “.plist” file. The property lists file stores basic data in form of key-value pairs. We can use a plist in our iOS apps as a simple key-value data store. In this blog, let’s find out what is a plist file and how to read the data on it.

What is a plist file?

A plist or property list is an XML file containing data in form of key-value pairs. Just line a dictionary in the Swift, so it’s a list of values associated with keys. In Xcode, you can open the plist’s XML structure by right-clicking on a property list file, then choosing Open As → Source Code.

A property list can contain arrays, dictionaries, booleans, dates, Data, and numbers, as integers or float.

Reading a Plist with Swift

Property lists are best to save simple, static key-value data in your app. You can read a property list file as follows:

We can use this method as follow:

What happens in the code?


In conclusion, we discussed how we can real a plist or propertyList file using swift. I hope this blog will help you with reading a plist file using swift. You can read more about propertyList file from here.

You can read more of my blog from here.

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