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React Native Native bridge


React Native Native bridge :

React Native bridge is a way to communicate with the native code. With the help of the Native bridge concept, your .js code can call the native code.

We are going to create a native bridge for IOS :

First of all, open your ios project workspace. Then add a new file to your root project and choose the Objective-C type file. Just named that file that you want to name. In my case, I am used the “IOSNativeBridge”.

IOSNAtiveBridge.h :

After that, there is another file you have to create with the same name but it is .m file.

IOSNAtiveBridge.m :

Here iosNativeMethod is our native method name. and value1 and value2 are two parameters that we call from the js code.

Bridge.js (JavaScript code):

Now, from your JavaScript file you can call the method like this (after making sure to rebuild):




. . .


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