QR Code Generator in Flutter

Updated 30 August 2023


In this blog, we will implement QR Code generator in Flutter using the qr_flutter.


QR codes have become an integral part of our lives, enabling seamless information sharing, links to websites, and much more with just a scan from a smartphone camera.

Using this blog you can easily generate QR codes for many purposes, such as sharing contact information, URLs, or any text-based data.

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Step 1: Setup

  1. Create a new Flutter project using your preferred development environment.
  2. Open your project’s pubspec.yaml file and add the following dependency:

Run flutter pub get to fetch the package.

Step 2: Implementing the QR Code Generator

2.1 Creating the User Interface

Replace the code in the lib/main.dart file with the following:

2.2 Explanation

Step 3: Testing

Run your Flutter app using an emulator or a physical device. You should see the QR code displayed on the screen along with the message.


In this Blog, we learned how to create a simple QR code generator in Flutter using the qr_flutter package.

By integrating QR code generation into your Flutter app, you can provide a convenient way for users to share and receive information effortlessly. Feel free to customize the design and functionality of the app to fit your specific needs.

For more details and methods you can refer to the official doc of flutter here.

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Hope this blog helped you with a better understanding of the implementation of QR code generator in Flutter using the qr_flutter

Thanks for reading.😇

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