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Updated 31 December 2020


Searching for the right product on any eCommerce platform is always a difficult task for customers. As sometimes searching a product by its name does not show the exact product. But if we use the Barcode Product Search technique the customer will get the exact result which they try to search on the webstore.

We at Webkul have integrated this Barcode search technique with the manual search process. This means the customer can click on the search icon and can search the product manually by typing the product name. Another way is to use the barcode search option (available to the customer on the search icon) to search for the desired product.

Benefits of using Barcode Search

Note – This feature is depicted in Magento 2 Mobile App builder but can be implemented in any of the apps.

Use of Barcode Search by Customers

The customers can use the barcode product search in just 3 simple steps. After opening the mobile app –

barcode scan option


barcode scanner


product page


Important Note – If you want, we can even implement the product search by using the QR code (additional charges involve).

Order Variable product using the Barcode Search

Similar to any other product, the customer can scan the barcode in case of the variable product. After that, the customer will be redirected to the product page of the scanned product barcode. Then the customer can select the variation of the product on its product page and can place the order.

Importance Barcode Technology in E-commerce

Barcode is just like SKU that is unique for every product. By using this barcode technology with the e-commerce industry we can attract more and more customers and can ease the work also (like – product handling and inventory management with barcodes).

It is also seen that if we are integrating more advanced features on our website then it gains more customer traffic and not only this it also increase the sales. As customers find it more interesting to use new features and that will increase the convergence rate too.

Keeping this in mind and also because of the popularity of barcode we have created a barcode product search technology.

Real-Life Example of this Feature

Suppose you have an online store and any customer visits your online store in search of a particular product that is available on your website. But when the customer tries to search that product manually by typing its name. Then because of similar other products the customer gets confused and might not buy anything if get frustrated because of not getting the exact product which the customer tries to search.

The ultimate solution to this kind of problem is this advanced barcode search feature. By using this the customer just needs to open the mobile app for your online store and instead of search the items manually the customer can click on the barcode icon to scan the barcode for searching the exact same product on the webstore.

If the scanned barcode product is available in your store then the app will redirect the customer to the product page. There the customer can view the product details and can even proceed to buy the product.

In this way, sales and customer engagement will increase your webstore. This even this feature helps you to make your Online store application different from other apps. Also, because of the simplified searching technique, it helps the customers to save their valuable time and increases customer satisfaction.

It is quite helpful in case of re-ordering a product where the customer has a similar product. The app user need not fetch the product in the complete app. The user only needs to scan the barcode of the desired product for ordering it.

For more details or any kind of help, you can contact us at [email protected]. Also, you can raise a ticket at HelpDesk Support for integrating this feature into your mobile app.



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