Pie Chart In Swift

Updated 28 June 2021



It is mostly use to present the data in graph When categorical data needs to be shown in percentages, PieChart (a.k.a circle charts) will be a good choice. Each chart always represents the whole, thus, must be equal to 100%

Using charts to display data can help users understand the information more easily than they would if it were presented in a table, especially when dealing with a lot of data. With charts, you can easily see patterns in the data at a glance as opposed to reading through a whole table (or several tables) to get this information. The use of charts has been a common feature in business and fitness apps..

Let’s Start with the code for PieChart

  1. Please install the pod with the below code

2. Add a view in the storyboard and add the class of PieChart, Configurable in interface builder, with live update of the view:

3. Import the library for PieChart in your view controller where you want to add the PieChart

4. Make and outlet for pie chart and add the color array

5. Make the delegate and text layer, Overlays are implemented using layers. There are several built in layers and you also can implement your own ones

6. Create model and textlayer method

Now you can run the above code and you can now see the Pie Chart

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Thanks for reading 🙂

Hope this blog helped you with a better understanding of how to use Pie Chart.

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