PencilKit in Swift

Updated 30 November 2021


In this blog, we are going to learn to integrate the PencilKit in Swift. PencilKit provides a drawing environment for your iOS app that receives input from the user’s finger and helps in turning its view into images that can be used in playing around.

Please follow the below steps for the integration of the PencikKit in Swift.

Step – 1

Create a project on the Xcode and name it as per your preference.

Step – 2

Now create a view in the storyboard and assign it, class PKCanvasView.

Step – 3

Create a UIBarbutton for clear, undo, redo and image View in the navigation in the ViewController of the project. Add action and outlet for clear and image button from the storyboard.

PencilKit storyboard

Step – 4

Create a function for adding up the view set up for the canvas view in the view controller.

Step – 5

Now add the delegate function for the canvas view in your view Controller

Step – 6

Now add a view controller to view your image is created after drawing in the canvas view

Step – 7

Now add the navigation on the Image button in the View Controller in your project.


PencilKit in Swift

We have the integration of the PencilKit in Swift. Please read more about pencilKit from here.
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