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Mobikul Mobile App Builder Supports Pelepare Payment Gateway


Pelepare was established in the year 2014. It was the first online payment system available in Kurdistan Region- Iraq. Pelepare provides the online payment solution for E-commerce websites in Kurdistan Region. Pelepare is one the most trustworthy payment solution across cities within Kurdistan Region. Thus, it will make it easier for all online buyers in Kurdistan to fund their Pelepare accounts and spend these funds to shop online from those merchants who accept Pelepare as a payment method.
There are 18 available spot locations in Kurdistan Region where users can deposit and withdraw money in a convenient way.


Mobikul Supports Pelepare. It can be easily integrated with your Mobikul mobile app of your store.

Please refer to the Play Store link of the live application integrated with Pelepare.

Mobikul Supports Pelepare and many other payment gateways which you require. You can check for all supported payment gateways supported by Mobikul by clicking here.

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