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Updated 1 November 2020


In the article, I will discuss about the PDFKit framework and how we use PDFView in our swift project.

The PDFKit is a framework available in AppKit since iOS 11.0 and macOS 10.4. Please click here to read more about PDFKit.

PDFView is mainly used to show the pdf file in our application and also it allows users to set zoom level, select content, navigate through a document, and copy the textual content to the Pasteboard, and also keeps track of page history.


iOS, Mac Catalyst


Getting Started

Swift version: 5
iOS version: 13
Xcode: 11.3

First Create a project from Xcode.

File ▸ New ▸ Project…. Choose the iOS ▸ Application ▸ Single View App template and create a new project.

Then, we will create an object of PDFView and we will add this view inside the super view.

Now we load a pdf file from the app bundle.

We can Fit content in the pdfview  set autoScales true

Now run code and it will display Demo.pdf file in our app.


Now we will add a watermark in the PDFView.

First we have to initializes a PDFDocument instance and sets its delegate to self.

Now, the delegate, of type PDFDocumentDelegate, implements a classForPage() method.

Now, implement WatermarkPage class and draw the watermark.

I hope this article helps you to display the pdf file in the project.

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