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PayU Payment gateway integration in IOS.


Pay U Payment Gateway

Sometimes we require to integrate  an application with Payu payment gateway . for this, we require to follow some steps.

1: There are two ways to integrate with Payu .( seamless and non-seamless(inbuilt UI part)).

2: Here I am defining about non-seamless Integration.

3: Go to that Url and download their SDK.

4: Drag Payu folder in your Xcode project.

5:  do some changes in the project.

  1. Add libz.tbd libraries to your project (Project->Build Phases->Link Binary With Libraries)
  2. Add -ObjC in Other Linker Flags in Project Build Settings(Project->Build Settings->Other Linker Flags)
  3. To run the app on iOS9, please add the below code in info.plist


6:    In AppDelegate.h add the below property


7: suppose you want to integrate into some class lets    checkout class  (example)

8: do some changes in .h file of checkout class

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

#import “PUUIBaseVC.h”

@interface checkout: PUUIBaseVC

9: Here  I am giving .m file of checkout class .

10: above value is dummy data for testing purpose.

11: Now I am attaching two file for generating Hash Value , here i am using for only dummy checking so if you want to configure for live payment then you have to write your server file for generating HASH VALUE.



12: Now its works fine and you can set according to your need.




. . .

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  • Toshif Kanuga
    Hi can you do this in swift 3
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