Paytm Payment Gateway Through SDK In Swift

Updated 2 December 2020


Overview of Paytm checkout process

Step to implement payment gateway through sdk.

1. Download sdk from here 

2.  Add this sdk to your project

3. Import in the class where you want to accept payment through SDK

Start implementing with the code

Initialized the payment checkout process

Import the paytm library

Present the payment controller

Add paytm delegate in your project which will use handle the payment status (failer or seccess)

Show the payment status through the alert




In this blog we have discussed about how do we checkout through paytm

I hope this blog will help you in getting some basic knowledge about the paytm checkout

For more technical blog please click here

Thanks for reading!

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  • kanhaiya Sharma
    delegate not called after payment done

    func didFinish(with status: AIPaymentStatus, response: [String : Any]) {
    print(“Paytm Callback Response: “, response)
    self.showAlert(title: “\(status)”, message: String(describing: response))

    • Ranjit kumar
      Please put below code inthe view did load
      handler.delegate = self
  • Sudhanshu

    Above code works only when user don’t have paytm app installed in phone.

    How to manage If paytm app is installed in phone (Deep linking).

    • Ranjit kumar (Moderator)

      Please check your issue in Paytm documentation.


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