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Android : PayPal Adaptive Payment


PayPal payment gateway is one of the biggest payment gateway and is used in many businesses for the payment purpose. PayPal adaptive is a method by which you can make payment to more than one person on a single go. This is generally used in multi vendor sites so that is payment is transferred directly to the vendor of the product. Its implementation in mobile is also simple as the SDK is provided by PayPal. Start with adding the library. Now we have to create PayPalAdvancedPayment object which will contain all the values like list of  amount and sellers PayPal email respectively, currency etc.

Now we have to check if PayPal library is initiated or not. If yes then proceed with the payment like below

And you are ready to go with Adaptive PayPal in your application.

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  • rohit shrivastava
    what is PayPalSeller.can you please post complete source code
  • css.php