PayFort Payment Integration In IOS.

Updated 26 October 2021



In most of the time, we have to integrate the application with the payment gateway like a payfort  payment gateway. for this, we have to follow some steps to integrate a correct integration payment SDK in IOS.

1: go to that URL and download SDK.

2: for success full launch the payfort gateway we need some sample predefined data.

3: we need a signature value that is required at the time to load payfort window.  to generate a signature

[self sha1Encode:post]

4: you will get signature value now you have to make a http request to get SDK token for launching payfort controller.

above code will produce SDK token now you have to take view controller and their  class name write “PayFortController” .

Now it will launch and you can take dummy card number from their site.

5: you can get a response from that method.

– (void)sdkResult:(id)response{

  NSLog(@”data— %@”,response);


. . .

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