Passing custom object from Activity


There is the problem, how can pass the custom class (POJO) object data or list data from one Activity to another activity via intent.?

We can be done it very easily by using Parcelable Interface. We implement Parcelable Interface and override its methods in our POJO classes and pass our POJO class object by intent.putExtra(“key”, object) or list of Parcelable object intent.putParcelableArrayListExtra(“key”,  object_list).

For example-

and get this object in NewViewSimpleProduct Activity as-

But after getting the parcel object on receiving Activity, we can get a null value for all members of the object. So, how we solve this mistake?

This is the normal mistake we can solve it only few work to take care. i.e. we just Override writeToParcel() method and write the value of all members in synchronous, we will get all members value just add a constructor with Parcel argument and assign values to all object members in this constructor in synchronous form as we write in writeToParcel() method.

for Example-


. . .

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