Parallax Effect in Flutter

Updated 28 April 2023


Parallax Effect in Flutter stands for the effect where the direction of an object appears to be different from different positions.

We can implement the same effect in Flutter. So In this blog, we will be implementing the Parallax Effect.

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In the Parallax effect, the images seem to be scrolling more slowly than the rest of the screen.

A parallax scrolling effect is achieved by slightly moving the background image in the opposite direction of the rest of the list.

The items slide up the screen, each background image slides slightly downward and vice versa. This results in generating a parallax effect.

In this, we do not need to install any external dependency or plugin, we can directly do so with the help of our code itself.

Integration of Parallax Effect in Flutter

Let’s start the implementation

Here, we will have to create a class that extends FlowDelegate Class and we will also need to

We can also add on the Parallax Effect with other widgets like PageView etc.


In this blog, we have discussed integrating the Parallax effect into our Apps.

I hope it will help you understand and get a brief idea about it.

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Thank you for reading!!


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