Pagination In Flutter ListView


Pagination in flutter listview is way to load the data when you reach end of the list.

The pagination is use for load the data in part wise.

And pagination make the app fast.

Pagination in flutter listview divide the data in page manner like page 1 and page .

In flutter we are using scrollView controller to achieve the pagination.


ScrollView controller

ScrollController is use for hold the state of scrollview.

ScrollController can we use with multiple scrollable widgets.

The ScrollController use offset to handle and control the scrollable widgets.

And the scroll controller use the scroll position to manage the scrollable widgets.

Flutter Listview

Listview is a very common widgets which have scrollable feature.

Listview use for show the unlimited data which coming from aaray.

The listview is very fast because its reuse the cells to show the data.

Scroll controller pagination example

We will take one list view and then we will use scroll controller listener.

Above line is the scroll controller object which we use with list view to find bottom of list view in screen

now we will take listview to show the data according to index in each cell. and we will use scroll controller listener for perform the pagination.

In below code initstate function have listener code which contain pagination function.

Pagination function have last row scroll condition and current products length less than total products condition.

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