OverlaySupport in Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


Overlay means displaying something over an existing surface. Similarly, OverlaySupport in Flutter, it is used to display some notifications/messages/data over another widget.

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In this blog, we will discuss how can we integrate the overlay notifications/messages in our app with the help of the overlay_support package.

Steps for Integrating OverlaySupport in Flutter

Step – 1 -> Firstly, we will need to add the “overlay_support” package in our pubspec.yaml file and run “pub get” command.

You can check out the updated version of overlay_support.

Step – 2 -> Now, we can start using this package in our code.

Here, after adding the package to our project, we will need to first wrap the MaterialApp with OverlaySupport.global so that the OverlaySupport works over the complete app.

Let’s start —

1. We can display a notification overlay with the help of an OverlayEntry i.e. showSimpleNotification().

It has various properties like context, background, subtitle,autoDismiss, etc.

2. We can display a toast overlay with the help of toast(). It requires a message field and has properties like context and duration.

3. We can display a custom notification with the help of showOverlayNotification().

4. We can display a custom overlay widget with the help of showOverlay().

Code Sample-


In this blog, we have discussed how we can integrate Overlay Support in Flutter.

I hope it will help you out in understanding and get a brief idea about it.

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Thanks for reading!!



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