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In this blog, we are learning that the ‘Open AI ‘ in Android apps. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. OpenAI launches a standalone ChatGPT app for Android to get one too. so we are creating an app with chat GPT API in this blog. OpenAI’s API can be integrated with other platforms, such as mobile apps, websites, or other software. This allows developers to use the powerful AI capabilities provided by the API in conjunction with other technologies to build more advanced apps.

First, we are adding internet permission in the manifest section.

After adding permission we need to add dependency in the build. gradle.

User interface

Now we are creating a user interface to search our queries and results, we are creating an edit text to enter your query and a button to submit.

In the above code, you can see.
We are creating an edit text for enter your search query and a button to submit and hit the API for the result.


Sign up and get API credentials: First, sign up for an OpenAI account and obtain your API credentials. You’ll need the API key to make requests to the OpenAI API.

After getting the API key from the open an account then you need to create a function to call the API then you will pass the search query and API key.

  1. Add dependencies: In your Android project’s build.gradle file, add the necessary dependencies for making HTTP requests and JSON parsing. You can use libraries like Retrofit and Gson:


Congratulations!! 🤩 Now, You have Learned about OpenAI’s API in Android.

For more information about the Open AI API, visit this link.

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