Notification Service Extension in Swift

Updated 3 October 2022


Notification Service extension does not present any UI of its own. It is use to modify the contents of notifications before they are display and download the content.

For example, to download images and videos related to notifications and display it on a notification banner.

LifeCycle of Notification Service Extension

Setting up Notification Service

Step- 1

Create a simple app to display name and picture.

Step- 2

Now, create a new target for Notification Service with File > New > Target > Search Notification Service Extension, then Next.

Step- 3

When a dialog appears to activate the target extension, Give a name. For example: NotificationService, then click Finish.

Step – 4

Add App Groups to the target application and notification extension on the Signing & Capabilities tab. Then, create an id for App Groups by clicking the button in the App Groups section and check whether the id has been added plus give a checkmark on it. Finally, add capabilities for Push Notifications.

Step- 5

After completing the setup process, we need to implement push notification in the project.

To implement the Push Notification: –

In conclusion, we have learned about Notification Service

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