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Natural Language Processing in iOS Swift

The Natural Language Processing is a process of taking unstructured text and discerning some characteristics about it. The Natural language text is analyzed by the ‘NSLinguisticTagger’ class. The NLP is also used in Machine learning.

It helps to understand text using the following techniques:

To begin, create a new Xcode project and follows the following steps: 

First, we will declare a variable to take a string.

 In Natural Language Processing, a tagger is basically a piece of software that can read text and “tag” various information to it such as part of speech, recognize names and languages, perform lemmatization, etc. We do this by calling the NSLinguisticTagger

The next step is to add the following line of code, the tagger, and the Options.


Now parsing text is tokenization. it is the process of splitting sentences, paragraphs, or documents. we’ll be splitting the quote above into words.
Let us create a method.

The output of the following method is:-

Next is ‘Lemmatization’. It breaks down the word into its most basic form.

Another one is ‘Parts of Speech’. It identifies the part of speech of the sentence.

The output of the following method is:-

Now we look into Named Entity Recognition. It helps to identify any names, organizations, or places



So please follow the above step to integrate ‘Natural Language Processing‘, and if you have any issue or suggestion you can leave your query/suggestion in the comment section.

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