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N-Genius payment gateway integration in iOS swift


N-Genius payment gateway integration to accept payment by card.

To successfully integrate the payment gateway you have to follows the below steps.

Steps 1:-  Add the ‘NISdk’ pod to the podfile of your project.

After adding the NISdk run pod install.

Steps 2:- The next step is to create an order, to accept payment from the app. you have to create an order and send it to the merchant server.

you can check the merchant server sample code from here.

Now you have to create a view controller for creating order in which you hit your serve API.

Create a view controller example “CreateOrderViewController” and now import the NISdk in your controller.

Step 3:-  Now you have to initialize and present your CreateOrderViewController.

After initializing you have to call createOrder method in order to hit the server API. After getting the success response you have to show a card view by passing the required param.

Step 4:- This is the last step for CardPaymentdelegate method to receive a card payment event.


In order to integrate the N-Genius payment gateway, please follows the above steps and if you have any queries or suggestion then you can comment on the comment section.




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