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MYFatrooh Payment Gateway in Swift


                    MYFatrooh Payment Gateway in Swift

In this blog, we are going to learn how to integrate MYFatrooh Payment Gateway in Swift. However, in today’s world, we need to create the transaction from our mobile, for which we need to integrate the payment gateway which is available in that particular country.

MYFatrooh Payment gateway provides a bundle of payment gateway. In addition,  it used in the countries mention below.

Steps to integrate

After that, please follow the below steps to integrate the MYFatrooh Payment gateway in your iOS project.

Step – 1

Please install the MYFatrooh pod in your iOS project.

Step – 2

Now import the MFSDK in your View Controller.

Step – 3

Now create your account in MYFatrroh Payment gateway using the link and generate the token key and base URL. After that initialize the MyFatrooh payment using token Key and Base Url.


Step – 4

We can now call the function to initiate the payment gateway.

Step – 5

Now we have to set up the function for setting up the card, payment gateway result, and generate an invoice.

However, please use the below code to set up the card info.

After that, we can use the below code for generating the invoice and navigating after the success and failure of the payment gateway.


In Conclusion

We have integrated the payment gateway into our iOS application.

In addition, now you can use a wide variety of payment gateway methods in your iOS application with only one payment gateway integration. For more information on integration please refer to the MYFatrooh official website from here.

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