MultiSelect Item of list in Flutter

Updated 28 April 2023


In this blog we learn about how to MultiSelect Item Of List In Flutter.

In some case we need to perform action at a time in multiple Item of List, as like we need to delete multiple Item of list at a time so we have useful MultiSelect Item of List .


MultiSelect Item of list is helpful when we perform common operation or action on Multiple Item of list,

If you want to delete multiple Item of listView so we need to delete item one by one separately ,but to the help of MultiSelect Item, first we select multiple item and we can perform action at once go.

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In this blog we show when User long press the Item ,so the Item will be selected


First of all we need to create a new flutter project.

And first of all we need to create a class (CustomData) and add the following data in list.

After that we need to create a StatefulWidget (MultiSelectItemPage), and call it from main.dart

Now we need to create UI of listView ,So now we add following code inside MultiSelectItemPage class.

Now we create a method which is helpful to select all item at once go and call it form inside FloatingAction button of onPressed({selectAllAtOnceGo();}).

Now above is the Output of Code


In this Article we have discuss about MultiSelect Item of list.

I hope this blog is helpful to Understand this topic.

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