Multicast Delegates in Swift.

Updated 25 August 2021


Multicast Delegate is a generic wrapper around yet another delegate protocol, that means it create one-to-many delegate relationships. This allows providing an object with an array of delegates. NotificationCenter also doing same thing but main difference are eliminates all opportunities for testing and Not type-safe in any way. Thats NotificationCenter not a good choice for manage states.

Let’s implement Multicast Delegates in swift.

First,create MulticastDelegate class.

MulticastDelegate is a utility class that keeps track of delegates in an array and invokes arbitrary blocks of code on them. And to avoid retain cycles, we chose NSHashTable to hold weak references to delegates.

Now we have added methods thats manages multiple delegates.

Now, We will use this delegate in our main class. 

Multicast Delegates in Swift.


I hope this code will help you better to understand Multicast Delegate in Swift. If you feel any doubt or query please comment below.

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