Multi-Language support in Flutter

Updated 2 May 2023


Multi-language support is an important feature to globalize the application and increase the user audience. Language is a factor that connects people and the same principle is applied to app development also. When a customer sees their native language, it creates an emotional bond with the app.


English continues to represent the most common language on the Internet, almost 75% of app users do not speak English, which leaves a considerable big market available for multilingual apps.

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Flutter by default only provides the US English localization. For supporting other languages, the application must specify additional properties and include the package called flutter_localizations. As of November 2020, this package supports 78 languages.

Check the below code for practical implementation.

Add the below package as a dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

In the next step, import the flutter_localizations library and specify localizationsDelegates and supportedLocales for MaterialApp:

Adding the localized messages for multi-language support

Once the flutter_localizations package is added, use the following instructions to add localized text to your application.

  • Add the intl package to the pubspec.yaml file:

  • Enable the generate flag in the pubspec.yaml file:

  • Add the new yaml file to the root directory of the Flutter project called l10n.yaml with the following content:

  • In ${FLUTTER_PROJECT}/lib/l10n, add the app_es.arb template file.

  • Now after running the app. A file will be generated in ${FLUTTER_PROJECT}/flutter_gen/gen_l10n after which we will start using the localization in the app.

In this way, we can support multi-languages in flutter apps.


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