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Motion Layout Example


MotionLayout is a layout type that helps you manage motion and widget animation in your app. MotionLayout is a subclass of ConstraintLayout and builds upon its rich layout capabilities. As part of the ConstraintLayout library, MotionLayout is available as a support library and is backwards-compatible to API level 14.


Lets get into simple motion layout example code:

Follow these simple steps to start using MotionLayout in your project.

1: First you need to add the ConstraintLayout dependency:

Add the ConstraintLayout 2.0 dependency to your app’s build.gradle file. If you’re using AndroidX, add the following dependency:

If you not using the AndroidX, add the following support library dependency:

2: activity_main.xml:

3: activity_main_start.xml:

4: activity_main_end.xml:

5: activity_main_motion.xml:

The activity_main_motion file will be in res->xml directory, either you can create the file or it can be auto generated by the android studio. In the activity_main_motion.xml file we can provide various type of animations.


We can also use the constraint set to animate the layout for animation from start to end.


Final Result:

. . . . . . . . . .

That’s it from my side for today, thanks for reading it until now.


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