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Updated 16 December 2020


Wallet system also called “e-wallets(electronic-wallets)” or “digital wallets” has boomed in the eCommerce industry over the last two years.

As per the record, it has been predicted that 726 billion transactions are made with digital payment in 2020!!

It’s important to have the transaction must be secure and speedy if you are running an eCommerce business.

A digital wallet system can make this possible that encourage customers and business owners to use digital payment for safer, efficient, and convenient transactions.

What is digital wallet/e-wallets?

Online payment, via e-wallets, by far the biggest beneficiaries transaction process linked to specific credit and debit cards- an easy and simple way for a transaction with a tap or scan of their mobile device.

The consumer can use that specific e-wallet to pay for an item instead of making a payment through a card by having a physical wallet wherever they are.

However, e-wallets are incredibly secure and flexible and reduce the possibility of failing the transaction compared to credit cards.

How does a digital wallet work?

Digital wallets are mostly on mobile devices, though it can be handle through the web-store as well. For better understanding let’s suppose you are in the cake shop and forget to carry your physical credit/debit card.

But the best part is that the business accepts the e-wallet payment. All you need to do tap on your mobile device and payment will be executed instantly.

So, you can pay securely via e-wallet, and no need to carry any type of cash, physical wallet, and credit cards. It makes the transaction process smooth and cashless.

Why use a digital wallet for a mobile application?

Digital wallets have become a part of daily routine and offer a convenient feature that will make your customer satisfied, happy, and will help to boost customer trust.

If you haven’t decided to use a wallet system for your application yet, read out the following reason for mobile wallets are gaining popularity:

How does the Mobikul wallet system help you to provide an outstanding mobile wallet?

Mobikul wallet system gives you the next level of competition, supports a wallet system that enables the consumer to make the payment through a wallet system via using a mobile device either on Android or IOS.

All they need to do is add the amount into the wallet and make payment easily with the top of mobile touch. In the current scenario, the mobile wallet is widely used by m-commerce shops and gaining benefits from payment.

Features Of Mobikul Wallet System

Mobikul brings you the incredible feature set that is easily available with the Mobikul wallet system.

Mobikul Wallet

The mobikul wallet having a flawless implementation of facts and features. Your customer can easily access my wallet via the Mobikul app builder application.

All they need to do login with the application and open the navigation bar to My wallet as shown below in the screenshot:

Manage/Transfer wallet amount

Mobikul wallet system will have the option to access a list of transactions and allows the customer to transfer the amount to another customer via a mobile device.

Add Money to Wallet

No need to enter the credit card information for each transaction. It’s quite annoying to enter card details even for small payments.

Mobikul mobile wallet facilitates consumers to add money to the wallet without a two-way verification process on mobile number.


Payment By your wallet at checkout

To make the checkout process complete via the wallet system, they need to select the payment method as Payment by your wallet and that’s it. The payment will proceed instantly in one go.

The requirement to use Mobikul mobile wallet addon-

Drafting out the following requirement to use Mobikul mobile wallet for mobile app:

First – You must have Mobikul app builder for your eCommerce store such as Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, CS-cart and etc. Since this is an addon of Mobikul app builder.

Second – Our Mobikul Wallet System for App is fully compatible with our Wallet System. To use this add-on in the Mobile App, you must have installed the wallet system add-on in your web-store.

That’s all for Mobikul Wallet System. Moreover, if you still face any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

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