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Mobikul Mobile App Builder Supports Openpay Payment Gateway


OpenPay Payment gateway is a Mexcian payment gateway that is earmark to give a fast and convenient way, for online transactions through the web or mobile app. The gateway accepts cards like American Express, Carnet, MasterCard and Visa that can be credit, debit or service cards. Marketplace, online stores, subscriptions based payments, mobile applications, third-party payment, crowdfunding and other such business models are supported. Here the individual must be legally registered to issue electronic invoices in Mexico (CFDI) as an individual or business, and have a Mexican bank account to receive payments.

Features Of The Payment Gateway-

Mobikul Supports OpenPay Payment gateway. It can be easily integrated with the Mobikul mobile app of your store.


Mobikul Supports and many other payment gateways which you require. You can check for all supported payment gateways supported by Mobikul by clicking here

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