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Mobikul Mobile App Builder Supports BillPlz Payment Gateway

Billplz is a simple cash solution to send bills and collect payment in real-time. It is software for merchants to collect payments fastest, at the lowest cost possible. The software focuses on providing 4 services to merchants, i.e. API, Billing, Payment Form, and Mass Payments.

Users love Billplz because of its low fee and fast settlement for online banking. The preferred online payment method in Malaysia based on Bank Negara’s statistics. It has been integrated with many systems available in the market and always working to integrate with more platforms.

This is the best choice when it comes to selecting the best Malaysia Payment Gateway platform for very new businesses.

Benefits of BillPlz Payment Gateway:

Thus, Mobikul supports BillPlz and many other payment gateways that you require for your business. You can check for all supported payment gateways supported by Mobikul by clicking here.

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