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Updated 1 January 2021

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Today, landing pages have become an essential element in the marketing tool for every online business. As we all know first impression matters a lot that why an attractive e-marketplace landing page is vital to engage and hold visitors.

Moreover, the landing page is the initial point of contact between online websites and visitors. A landing page is simply a page visitors land on because an ad or email directed them to that particular page.

Also, effective landing pages clearly show what a website-visitor is going to get from a page and how to get it. This is how it helps to achieve business goals.

Henceforth this article will give an overview of what is landing page? Furthermore why it is important for online business nowadays?

Why do we call it a landing page?

So, we call it a landing page because it drives a visitor to land on a web page. Even, the Landing pages have the fundamental purpose to show an initial glimpse of what your business is all about.

Why need a landing page?

Landing pages have special benefits that set them apart from a business website and make them an efficient lead generating and marketing tool.

When it comes to e-marketplace or e-marketing, landing pages plays a crucial role in ad campaign effectiveness.

Whether your business goal is to boost organic traffic, generate new leads, or drive visitors toward making specific shopping. A well-managed landing page, separate from your website, can make it happen easily and efficiently.

Business website provides various pathways to take while landing pages serve more specific actions to support business goals.

Note – Create Eye-Catching Landing Page using CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Mobikul Mobile App

How does Landing Page Support Business Goals?

Makes good First Impression 

A well-crafted landing page with interesting headlines, striking buttons, beautiful images, and appealing videos makes a good first impression. The first impression is the only chance to influence, engage, and keep the visitor as the customer.

Gives an Initial Glimpse of the Business

As we all know that an appropriate landing page gives an opportunity to not only give a brief overview but also influence the visitor to take the action for which the entire planning is executed.

Enhances User Engagement 

A well-designed user-friendly arriving page or landing page is the only key to welcome, engage, direct the website visitors step by step to perform the predefined actions. Henceforth, a landing page is a powerful user engagement booster tool to ameliorate the online business.

Generates Leads & Conversions

You must be wondering that how a landing page can create leads and make conversions. The landing page matters a lot because this page is the initial point of contact for the visitors. Moreover, it generates leads and conversions.

You must be wondering that how a landing page can create leads and make conversions henceforth drafting out the points below:

  • Product Demo
  • eBooks / Guides
  • eNewsletter Sign-up

Promotes Products & Services

OpenCart Landing Page

Facilitates to promote products/services using banners and slides. Showcase Daily deals, offers, discounts, sales, reviews, ratings, testimonials using pleasant banners.

Improve Brand Awareness

The landing page is an absolute solution to improve brand awareness and give a fascinating opening look to the visitor. Furthermore, an attractive and well-managed landing page drives new eyes to your marketplace. The more the traffic the more the chance of conversion and referrals.

GIFs, Videos, and Sliders to Become Famous Among Sellers

The marketplace landing page includes GIFs, videos, and sliders to attract and encourage new sellers to register and start selling on the marketplace.

Promotes Healthy Competition Among Sellers –

As admin shows top sellers and top products on the landing page. It promotes healthy competition among marketplace sellers to promote sales.

Design Your Web Marketplace Landing Page for Mobile & Website

Facilitates the marketplace admin to design web attractive web marketplace landing page for Mobile and website to accomplish their business need.


How Does The Mobikul Help to Build Attractive Landing Page?

Mobikul Marketplace provides a ravishing Landing Page where the user can see information about the latest sellers & the latest products that have been added to the Marketplace.

  • The Seller page display details about the latest sellers & the latest products.
  • From the seller page, the visitor can check the Seller profile and check the listed products.

Mobikul Marketplace landing page facilitates showcasing various categories, sellers, and products in a more attractive and infographic way to engage customers.

Note – Build an Attractive Landing Page using Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Mobile App

Mobikul Magento 2 Landing Page
MP Magento 2 Mobile App

This page displays the core information of the marketplace and the customer can get an overview of the marketplace.

Landing page facilitates to make better use of visual information to attract, engage, and convert the visitors into customers.

Mobikul Marketplace landing page helps to showcase multiple banners based on product or category to make the marketplace eye-catching and user friendly.

Offers for you
M2 MP Mobile App

Also helps the marketplace owners to make set daily deals to fourfold the business profit. The landing page advances the product listing that helps to boost the marketplace sale. 

Customers can see the notification button on top. At the bottom, the customer can subscribe to the newsletter.

Hence a dedicated lading page works as a connecting bridge between marketplace owners and visitors to meet their respective needs. Landing pages are entirely optimized with the goal to convert visitors to customers.

Features of Mobikul Marketplace Landing Page

Note – Get Ravishing Landing Page using Opencart Multi Vendor Mobile App

A Clear Call To Action – The prime purpose of any landing page is to convince the user to take action. Furthermore, your landing page must drive visitors to perform the planned action like filling the contact form, downloading a file, or making a purchase.

Various Categories – Facilitates displaying various categories for visitors’ convenience.  browsing parent category and subcategories visitors can see the product according to their choices.


CS-Cart Marketplace Multi - Vendor Mobile App
Mobikul MP Mobile App

Attractive Products Showcasing – Allows admin to with attractive product showcasing to convert more sales and get more new sellers. The visitor can view a product after clicking on it. The visitor can see the product image, specification, description, reviews, furthermore price of the product.

Engaging Banners – Also provides to build engaging banners to hold the visitors for a while to search more on the marketplace. Even the banners help to turn the visitors into customers with appealing moreover promoting banners.

Attract Sellers to Open a Marketplace Shop – An attractive marketplace landing page Encourages the users to register, get approved, and start selling products or services on a well-settled marketplace.

An interactive and well-designed landing page works as a promotion tool to convenience and convert the visitors either as customers or as marketplace sellers.

Showcase Top Sellers with Top Products –  Showcasing top sellers makes the other sellers more eager to reach the level to get the Top Seller Tag.

Good product and service drive more sales and that generates revenue for the marketplace. Hence the landing page directly or indirectly helps in promoting sellers and their products.


Summing Up!!!

That’s all about the Mobikul Marketplace Landing Page for Android and IOS.

After reading the blog you have got to know the importance of the marketplace landing page and why it is vital to have in the marketplace mobile app?

Though it helps to make a strong brand image and leaves a positive impact on the visitors and on the user willing to become a seller.

With the Mobikul Marketplace App, the admin will get the landing page feature to improve brand awareness for better sale information through the Mobikul application.


Check out the further feature of Mobikul Marketplace available for various eCommerce platforms – Mobikul Multi-vendor Features.

For more queries please visit this – Mobikul Knowledgebase.

Moreover, if you still face any issues, then feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at


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