Mobikul Mobile App Builder Banner Image Configuration For CS-Cart

Updated 30 December 2017


You can simply add banner images for displaying it on your Mobikul application. For this, you need to do simple banner image configuration by navigating through the following path of your CS-Cart admin panel.

Mobikul Banner Tab > Manage Banner Images

Add Banner

Click on the Add Banner button for adding new banner images. You can configure the banner image as per your requirement by setting up the banner information.

Banner Name: Set the banner name.

Banner Type: The banner-type can be either Category or Product.

Choose Category/Product: If the banner type is set to a category then the admin can choose a category to associate with the banner. The associated category will be redirected by clicking the banner image in the application.

If the banner type is set to a product then the admin can choose a product to associate with the banner. The associated product will be redirected by clicking the banner image in the application. The admin can choose the products with help of filter search.

The admin can also choose the product by extending the filter search option from the “v” shaped extend button.

Banner Image: The admin can upload the banner image from several sources.

The admin can also provide alternative text/title for the banner image.

Edit Banner

Editing a banner has no difference from adding a banner image. The difference is, here you are updating the banner image with new updated information. The banner image can be edited by simply clicking on the related Setting button.


Deleting Banner

For deleting the banner image first select the banner images via banner image checkbox. All the banner image can be selected at once by mass selection checkbox present in the checkbox column heading section.

After selecting the banner images click on the Setting drop-down button present at the right side of the “Add banner” button. In the Actions drop-down, there will be an option for deleting the banner images, click on “Delete selected“. A pop-up for delete confirmation will appear. Click on Ok to delete the selected banner.

If you have any issue then please let us know anytime. You can raise a ticket for any query at

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