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Migrate Android Project with AndroidX


In this blog, we will learn how to migrate Android Project with AndroidX.

AndroidX is redesigned library to make package names more clear.

So from now Android hierarchy will be for only android default classes, which comes with android operating system.

Other library/dependencies will be part of AndroidX (Makes more sense). So from now all the new development will be updated in AndroidX.

Mapping of Old Package to New Package

When you migrate your current application with AndroidX, library/dependencies name will be changed.** : androidx. : androidx.appcompat:appcompat : androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview :
android.arch.core:common : androidx.arch.core:core-common:2.0.0-rc01

You can check all the change packages name here -> AndroidX changed Packages Name

To know the history of AndroidX, you can also check Android Developer Blog Post -> AdnroidX Developer Post

How To Migrate Android Project

If you want to migrate already existing project, then simply follow these steps ->

Android Studio(Android Studio 3.2 and higher) -> Refactor -> Migrate To AndroidX

When you migrate your project, it will automatically change all the packages name.


For new project, just put these lines in ->

And with this you complete your task to “Migrate Android Project with AndroidX”.

Note: Min SDK version should be 28.


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