Meet New Google Play Console

Updated 31 August 2020


With the release of new version of Android this year, Google has launched a new Play Console which is currently in Beta.

Let’s start checking out the new Google Play Console.


Certainly the UI of the console has been completely recreated with the all new modern design. For example we can see in the image below.


In the statistics section we can see different reports related to the application. Like new user, users loss, average rating, revenue etc. Most of the reports we present in the older versions as well but we can see Revenue part which is something new.

Android Vitals

A very important section for the application performance. As it gives us a brief report of application crashes and ANRs.

User Acquisition analysis

We can see many changes made to this section of play console. When you open it you can see how it changed from data by defined periods of time (day, month, week) to the ability to select yourself the period you want to study, which we believe is a huge improvement.

A very cool thing to see here is improvements in Installs per keyword. In the new console, we can see that they added various filters in this section that enables us to see which keywords are generating traffic according to the Download status of the app (new users and recurrent users), the Language or the Country, which allows us to go more into details and discover which keywords are generating traffic for each of these filters.

Conversions analysis

In addition, this is a new part within the section “Store Performance”, however this data could be found in the acquisition reports of the old version of Google Play Console. Now it makes them more relevant to have their specific part, it is certainly one of the most important metrics that needs to have its own tab.

Play Store Listing

There are some changes made on the page where we added the information related to the play store listing. The changes are made for the ease of user experience and are easy to use.

To sum up, with this new Play Console, Google has tried to make our life easier.

Comment on this post if you got to know any new feature which I may have missed in this post.


Check out the below official blog for more:

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