Marker interface in Java

Updated 31 October 2022


Marker interfaces in Java are interface that does not contain methods, fields, and constants.
Basically, an Empty interface is known as a Marker interface.
A marker interface called ThreadSafe and a class implementing this marker interface give a thread-safe guarantee, and any modification should not violate that.

Purpose Of Marker Interface

The purpose of the marker interface is to provide run-time type information about an object.
If we have information about the class and we have to tell that information to the compiler, in that case, we use a marker interface.
After introducing Annotation on Java5, Annotation is a better choice than the marker interface.

In Built Marker Interface

In Java, there are some marker interfaces that already define in SDK.
Some of them are:

Cloneable Interface

A cloneable interface is present in java.lang package. There is a method clone() in Object class.
clone() method is used for object cloning.
Object cloning refers to the creation of an exact copy of an object.
It creates a new instance of the class of the current object and initializes all its fields with exactly the contents of the corresponding fields of this object.
We need to implement the cloneable interface in the class if we want to clone the object of that class.

If we do not implement the Cloneable interface in the class and invoke the clone() method, it throws the CloneNotSupportedException.

Marker interface in Java

Serializable Interface

The serializable interface is present in the package. If we want to make the class serializable, we must implement the Serializable interface. If a class implements the Serializable interface, we can serialize or deserialize the state of an object of that class.
Serialization is the process of converting a data object into a series of bytes that saves the state of the object in an easily transmittable form. 

Marker interface in Java

Remote interface 

The remote interface is present in java.rmi package. A remote object is an object which is stored at one machine and accessed from another machine.
We must implement the Remote interface if we want to make an object as remote. 

Marker interface in Java

Custom Marker Interface

Java also allows us to make custom marker interfaces as per our requirements.

For example:

Output: Sun light

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