MapBox Maps SDK for iOS

Updated 1 July 2021


Hello guys, Today we will learn about Maps SDK using MapBox in iOS.

The MapBox Maps SDK for iOS is one of the map library for iOS, which is use for customize your map, marker with callout and display in user location on map.

In this blog we learn how to work with MapBox SDK.

Getting Started

Step1:- Before integration, you need to create map-box account on mapBoxSignIn/SignUp. and find access token of your account.

After create the account, Create a new project of your Xcode project

Step 2:- Now install the pod file of mapBox SDK

  1. open podfile and install pod ‘Mapbox-iOS-SDK’, ‘~> 4.9’ pod
  2. run pod install command in your terminal

Step 3:- After installing the podFile, now open your project info.plist file and add some following terms

  1. Add mapBox access token key and your account token key in it’s value

2. Also Add NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key in your info.plist file

Adding mapVew using storyboard

create UIScreen for map-box

now open view controller file and create a map view outlet and add mapView delegate in viewDidLoad method

Adding MapView without using storyboard

Note:- Remember to add access token of your map-box account otherwise it is not working in your project, you need to create an account of map-box


In this blog, we have discussed how to customize MapBox Maps SDK for iOS

i hope this blog will help you in getting about MapBox SDK

Thanks for reading!

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