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Manage Multiple Timer in Swift using in CollectionView



Sometimes we need to manage multiple timers in UICollectionView so if we recreate multiple timers then it will show wrong value so for this, we need to create a single Timer class for every single Cell, and also manage every refresh cell in UICollectionView.

for manage recreating or refreshing cell we need to follow some steps:

1: Create a dictionary of timers:

var timerLatestProduct = [Int:Timer]()

var timerCount:NSMutableArray = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]

2: Now its time to add the timer in cell’s label.

here I have taken an array of value which contains a value.

Here we are checking whether the timer is created or not and if we scroll the cell then  “cellForItemAt” is called then we are re-creating the timer object by invalidating the previous one  .


Here userinfo: we are sending the cell label or you can send cell also

Now its time to define the timer class:


Now we are handling the array of timer separately for every timer object.






. . .


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