How to make custom tabs with text & icons in android

Updated 27 September 2023


In this blog,
We are going to show you how to make custom tabs in android.

Here we customize the tab with icon and text, you can see the icon is horizontally aligned with tab text.

But if you want to place the icon above the tab label, you have to use a custom view to achieving it.

Code Implementation

1. Open project level build.gradle and add android design support library

2. In layout file activity_main.xml and add tablayout and view pager.

3. Create an XML layout named custom_tab.xml under res -> layout for define the custom view for the tab.

4. Create a fragment named for tab contents

5. In use the below code for customizing the tab.

If you noticed this function createTabIcons in, I have used custom_tab.xml layout in each tab.

      Custom view for tab layout


Maybe this blog is work for you.

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