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Magento2 Mobile App Builder


Magento2 Mobile app builder – we are very proud to announce open source magento2 mobile app builder for android and IOS . We are very first native magento2 mobile app builder in the world with loads of customisable options as the source code of the app is open .

Magento2 is a brilliant commerce platform with complete changes as compare to magento1.x . Magento2 depends highly on scalable tech stacks and architecture . Magento2 offers SOAP and REST API’s in the core .

Magento2 mobile app builder is an open source platform so that merchant can customise the app and can use for their need . As we think every mobile app and business are different so every app need to have their own style , functionality and user behaviour . We also provide custom developer services for magento2 mobile app customisation . 

Building Magento2 Mobile app requires loads of check and balance . We have build very scalable api for high performance magento2 Mobile app so that during the peak traffic your app must perform specially during festivals and offers .

Magento2 Mobile app features – Mobile app for magento2 offers loads of features which are vital for any ecommerce business

PUSH Notification – Push notifications plays a major role in native mobile commerce app . As per the study PUSH notification are way to accessible as compared to emails and SMS . Almost in every 3  user check one push notification , thats a big number . We offer Push notification in our magento2 mobile app .

Multi lingual Support –  Magento2 Mobile app builder support for all the languages including RTL (arabic , hebrew ) . localisation plays a major role for user interaction and behaviour Which magento2 mobile app builder provide in default .

Multi currency Support – Magento2 mobile app builder provides multi currency support as well . Store owner can build their own mobile app in their own currency .

There are loads of options please explore the link

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