Magento Mobile “App Only Strategy”

Updated 12 December 2023


Magento Mobile “App only strategy” – Mcommerce is growing day by day especially in the third world or mainly in developing nations, especially in Asia and Africa.

Even in India, India is expected to have close to 400 million mobile Internet users by June 2016, according to a report released in November by the Internet and Mobile Association of India and market research firm IMRB International.

That is huge, right? In almost any country Mobile commerce is growing at a much faster pace as compared to web and desktop commerce.

There are various reasons for that, as a Magento store owner what is your mobile app strategy? And why you must not ignore the mobile penetration in commerce.

Mobile Penetration Growth

Mobile prices as compared to PCs or desktops much much lower, especially in developing countries and it is easy to handle even as the largest brand online store in Asia and Africa saw 75% traffic from the mobile but people may be using mobile site instead of mobile app correct? yes for sure many of them use that.

Then why the store owners are more inclined towards the app-only strategy?  well for sure there are loads of benefits to using mobile app over a mobile site (there are some drawbacks as well will be explained in detail) will discuss every point in detail.

Push Notifications

I think push notifications are real game changer in case of using mobile app and they very simple reason is click to rate generally offer supplied over email get bounced are ratio of click is very poor as compared to push notification almost 2 out of 3 push notification get clicked which turn in to more conversion rate


Personalization is another big factor for using mobile app as mobile app have access to your history that really help store owner to personalize their catalog and data with respect to the end users it also help to showcase the desired result and offers as per the user choice which also leads in better conversion rates.

User Engagement

Mobile apps are easy to use its like one tap and complete catalog is open you dont need to to do a login or logout every time like you need to do in the web browsers also browsing catalog over touch is a personal experience as compared to the desktop browsing experience

Multi channel sales

Mobile apps are also considered as multi channel sales as well for store owners , many marketers are using Mobile app as a promotion toolbox like putting offer for mobile app purchase only

Mobilkul and Mobikul Marketplace mobile apps are the world first open source mobile app builder for your magento and opencart store.

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