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Updated 26 October 2021


What is Lottie?
Lottie is an animation library that parses After Effect animation exported JSON file i.e. produced by Bodymovin.
The main advantage of using Lottie is that animating CALayers (iOS) to generate complex animations is a tedious and very complicated job, instead, it’s more user-friendly to create the animation using After Effects.

Why Lottie?

What do we do with Lottie?

How will we implement animation with Lottie in our Project?

How we use exported animated JSON file with LottieAnimationView?

  1. By the static way in our layout.

  2. By programmatically.
  3. By Composition.

LottieAnimationView :-

  1. loop() :- for repeat animation.
  2. playAnimation() :- for start anination.
  3. isAnimating():-  return true, if animation view is animating.
  4. cancelAnimation():- for stop an animation.
  5. setProgress():- set progress (between 0 to 1) of animation.
  6. addColorFilter(color_filter):- add color in animation view.
  7. setScale():- change scale of animation.

Reference : https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-android#image-support

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