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How to Localize the application name in iOS


Localize the application name

Generally, the application provides multiple languages to support, for this we need to localize the whole application language to respective language and also application name which is shown in iPhone or iPad. here I am telling about to how to localize the application name of an application.

Please follow this steps:

1: Take the language whatever you need like English, Arabic, Chinese

select project -> select localization

2: Take a new string file and name it “InfoPlist.strings”

3: Select “InfoPlist.strings” and on the right side click on ” localize ” this and select the respective language whatever present in your application.

4: Then it will create the file for the base, English, and respective language.

5: Now open the file and write this

like for the base file:

“CFBundleDisplayName” = “Your application name”;

“CFBundleName” = “Your application name”;

for the english file:

“CFBundleDisplayName” = “Your application name”;

“CFBundleName” = “Your application name”;

for Arabic file

“CFBundleDisplayName” = بزل للألعاب التعليمية;

“CFBundleName” = بزل للألعاب التعليمية;

like this, you have to set the name of your application on different language file.

6: Now your application name are localized.

7: It depends on your iPhone or iPad ‘s language, it will automatically pick the name from string file.










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