Live Location Tracking in Flutter

Updated 17 November 2023


In this blog, we are learning about the ‘Live location Tracking ‘ in Flutter. Live location tracking in Flutter refers to the ability to continuously monitor and display the real-time geographic location of a device or user on a map within a Flutter application. This feature is commonly used in various types of apps, such as ride-sharing, delivery, social networking, fitness, and navigation apps, to provide users with up-to-date information.

1. Set Up Dependencies

To implement live location tracking with the ability to create polylines and display them on the map in a Flutter project, you can use the following three dependencies.

You may view our other separate paragraph about the map in Flutter for more details regarding the location dependent.

2. Permissions

We have added these two permissions for the current location.

3. Google Map 

Our project must first include Google Maps, so we are making a stateful widget with a Google Map widget.

To use Google Maps in your Flutter app, you need an API key. Visit the Google Cloud Console, create a project, enable the Maps SDK for Android and iOS, and generate an API key.

Set the initial camera position of the GoogleMap widget to the position of the current location. Set the zoom to 13.5 because the map has to be a little closer up.

4. Poly Lines

The next thing I want to do is draw a line connecting the source and the destination. Make a list called polylineCoordinates that is empty. Make a getPolyPoints async function and a PolylinePoints instance. The list of polyline points is returned by the getRouteBetweenCoordinates function.

We are defining the polyline in Google Maps.

5. Current Location

To move the marker between the start position and the finish location, we must obtain the device’s location. In order to obtain the current location, we are creating a function. You should visit our other blog for more details regarding the current location.

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6. Display the Widget

Finally, you can display the LiveLocationTracking widget in your app by navigating to it or embedding it within your app’s navigation flow.


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