Layered Navigation for Mobile App

Updated 17 October 2023


The majority of online customers prefer filters to shop they are looking for. Layered navigation is one of the most essential advanced functionality that can easily help buyers to navigate the product attribute to make the shopping experience even better.

Layered Navigation not only helps to give better fast filtering convenience to customers but also save their time. Having this feature while purchasing an item through the mobile application can be a big power to boost your sale. 

What is the Layered Navigation?

Layered navigation is a modern approach that lets the customer visit the website and help them to navigate the product which actually they wish to buy.

Sometimes customers don’t even know what they want to buy but available filter attributes help customers to quickly select the product they need.

For example, a dozen product attributes make customers confuse to buy which style and certain fabric will suit them if they gonna buy a Coat.

So including these attributes into filters for particular products increase the number of a happy customer.

Narrow your Search with Layered Navigation

Let’s understand how important to create easy and simple navigation to sustain customers and give them a seamless shopping experience using mobile applications.

Complex filter UI make customer frustrated and increase the possibility to leave your store immediately. So make sure the Layered navigation user interface should be simple and easy to navigate for customers.

It is important to understand that based on attributes creating an attribute type and its value is an essential part of layered navigation even in mobile applications. Attribute type can be defined in three types –  Dropdown Menu, Price Type, and Multiple Select

To avoid any confusion, keep in mind that less number of specific attributes for each product in layered navigation allows shoppers to filter more effectively and speedy.

Considering a product category is vital while creating layered navigation. Based on the category, visitors can narrow down the search with the desired product.

Layered Navigation by category and Price 

Since 80% of customers use the mobile application to shop and get a fast and seamless experience. Where layered navigation plays a vital role. It allows shoppers to filter the product based on category, price, brand, and other attributes. 

Smart Filter Navigation with Mobikul Mobile App

Mobikul mobile app comes with this excellent technology that takes your store to the next level with an engaging mobile app.

This mobile app lets the customer use filter navigation to find the exact product they wish to buy in no time. Also, Mobikul mobile app compatible with the Android version and IOS devices.

In order to make the navigation process more flexible and user-friendly. Filter navigation simplifies the product search, filtering items based on their attributes. Admin can manage the filters from the back end.

Although, buyers can filter the products based on various attributes, features, categories, etc. Buyers can also filter the products-

That’s all!! Moreover, if you still face any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

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