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How to launch application from Browser in Android


In this featured blog, I am gonna show you how to open your application from the web. Generally, you have watched on this feature on Amazon, e-bay or many tv-shows websites.

So let’s start,

Follow the below steps for implementing this feature on your app,

Step 1: Add the intent filter in your manifest file,



Step 2: You have to Create Uri,

for creating uri, add action, categories and extras if you want to send something from browser to app,

and for converting the above intent in URI, use intent.toUri(Intent.URI_INTENT_SCHEME) method.

Step 3: Add this to the browser side,

After logging you will get below uri,


Add this uri to your website,

So you have successfully add this functionality in your app.

Thanks for go through this blog. Stay cool and stay updated.

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Igor Souza

Igor Souza

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