• What are the Requirement of the Mobikul Mobile App Building?

    Mobikul Mobile apps will make an e-commerce website easily accessible. The mobile app can bring complete revolution in the business structure.

    So, if one wishes to have an app developed by Mobikul, then we will be needing following pieces of information from your end-

    Basic Details-

    • Admin Details– The information with regard to the websites backend details to configure the Mobikul tab.
    • Website URL– The URL of the website for which the app needs to be built.
    • Initialization details/ SSH details– These details are meant for installation of mobile API on the server.
    • Key Store Credentials– The legal information which is required for publishing the app.
    • Translation file- If one require any language apart from English, then one need to provide us the translation file once. Hence, to acquire local customer.


    Image and Resources-

    • Title Of the Application
    • Logo of the application– The app logo with which the app could be recognized.
    • Theme Selection- The color of the app which you wish to be used on the app.
    • Place Holder image– The dummy image which appears temporarily.
    • Launcher Icon– The graphic icon that showcases the app.
    • Status Bar– The icon which appears on the status bar when the notification arrives.
    • Splash Screen- The introductory screen of the app.
    • FCM Configuration- The Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) details for notification features.
    • Payment Gateway- The list of payment gateways which one wishes integrate.


    iOS Resources-

    The app owner must provide us the following details for the iOS test application.

    • iOS UDID– Each iPhone or iPod Touch has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. So, that test application can be shared.
    • Developer Account-It is mandatory to provide the Apple Developer account. Thus, for more information, you can refer here- https://mobikul.com/apple-updated-policy-itune-store-publish-app/ 


    App Publishing Details on Google Play Store-

    • App Title.
    • Short and Long description.
    • Feature Graphic Banner for Play Store.
    • Application Screenshot images maximum 8.
    • Icon Image for Play Store.


    App Publishing Details on App Store-

    • Five screenshots of application for each screen size- 5.5” (1242×2208), iPhone X 5.8” (1125×2436), and iPad Pro 12.9” (2048×2732)
    • Description
    • Keywords
    • Support URL
    • Privacy Policy
    • Copyright
    • Contact Information.

    So, if you wish to have an efficient app you must have the above information.

    If you still have any query or requirements please feel free to contact us at https://mobikul.com/contact/



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