Json Parsing from Assets

Updated 27 April 2023


In this blog we will learn Json Parsing from Assets.

As we all know , Json parsing is very important and basic step in the parsing data..

It is not necessary that all the time we got the json data by api integration.Sometime we store the json data file in assets folder and we need to parse it from assets.

So, here we will learn the same i.e.Json parsing from assets.

Without wasting time anymore ,let’s begin the stepwise code implementation.

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Step1:-Add the json data file in your assets folder

The very first and basic step is to add the json data file in your assets folder.

Here i am using countries code json data just for the instance ,you can use any of the json file as per your requirement.

check the below attached image for the correct path of placing the json data file.

Step2:-Add the json file path in Pubspec.yaml file

It is the most important step i.e. add the json file path in your pubspec.yaml file and run flutter pub get command on your terminal.

Check the below attached image.

Step3:-Make the Data Model file

Now we need to make the data model of the json data which we have stored in assets folder.

After making data model let’s to the next step.

Step4:-Create the json parsing method

Now it is the most important step because we are creating the json parsing method.

After creating this method , call this in the initState method.

Now it’s done ,data has been parsed . We can use this data wherever we want.

Congratulations!!!! we have learned the Json Parsing from assets.

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Hope this blog helped you with a better understanding of the Json Parsing from assets in flutter.

Thanks for reading.😇


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