JPush Notification implementation for China


JPush is one of the popular and free push notification service provider available in China. Due chinese documentation, there might be chances you might find it difficult. This is not true however.

JPush provide SDK that is easy to use and implement. The only difficulty in implementing the JPush is that there resources are bit scattered or unorganized.[PS: don’t get me wrong]. There are two official domain and other is

However now redirect to the former one and according to our client it is used for there internal purposes.

So Let start Implementing JPush as per the docs available on


There is a lot of information is provided related to common problems, 3-minute quick demo, integration guide and sdk on

Let us know consume some ready backed code from JPush developers:

Please use sdk jpush-android-2.1.5.jar or above. Here is the link to download

Setting Manifest

Here are the required permission for JPush


Here are the service, receiver and meta info related to JPUSH integration.


Initialize JPushInterface in Application class


Creating JPushReciever


Adding jniLibs

You are required to jniLibs in the project. You can find them in the downloaded sdk check sample image below for reference:


Screenshot from 2016-06-21 15:00:19

Location of these library inside your project is

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 14:54:47


Add following line in your module/app level gradle for building jniLibs in your project:


Pushing notification from JPush panel

Login at and create application with the proper application Id.

Here is your sample application detail after you successfully create the application

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 15:07:45


Application details will contatin a APP_KEY and SECRET_MASTER.  use APP_KEY in the android manifest’s meta data for JPush.

SECRET_KEY is used for server side client for REST implementation.



Here is ready baked code for pushing notification from your PHP script.



You can refer to for complete example and docs.



Common Issue:


Stay updated !!! Keep coding and commenting

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  • Sunki Baek
    Hi, thanks for the great article, especially when there are not many English articles related on this topic.

    Quick question: I have implemented jPush in my app — but I keep receiving messages even when the app is active and showing on the front. Any advice?


    • Shubham Agarwal
      Thanks for the appreciation. You should check JPush community and forums. They have abundance of topics related to the topic and also the community including core JPush developer team handles all the issues/queries.
      • Sunki Baek
        Okay, I will. Thanks.
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